Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Best Year EVER!

After a day of long meetings, many of us stayed late in order to put the finishing touches on our classrooms.  Others arrived at school earlier than usual to make sure that everything was ready to go.
This is me-Finally finished setting up my classroom at ~7:00 p.m.  There were other teachers still in the building when I left.  That's DEDICATION (or craziness---you decide!)

My Classroom-I started with Learning Centers on Day 1---more to come about that in a later post

The floors gleamed with pride, eagerly awaiting the footsteps of 1500+ students yearning for knowledge. 
First day of school-just seconds before the doors were opened to welcome students for the new year

The doors opened, and the students streamed in with smiles on their faces.  They were happy to see their friends and teachers from years past.  They were looking forward to a new school year, and deep down, they believed that this year would be different.

And here come the students!

 This would be the year that they didn’t get suspended for fighting or fail their classes due to incomplete assignments.  This would be the year they mastered the standards and passed the state exam(s).  This would be the year that they would either participate in extra-curricular activities or support those who were on teams. They came in determined to make this the...

And so, my colleagues and I are on a mission to make this THE BEST YEAR EVER as well!  We have plenty of team building activities and field trips planned for the year.  Our professional learning communities have come together to create a positive working and learning environment. 
The seventh grade teachers minus me---I'm in my favorite place-behind the camera

This week's freebie

One thing that I'm doing to make this the best year ever is running a Secret Student Program.
I discussed the ins and outs of the program in an earlier post.  I started it this school year, and once again, it's been a big hit!.  This program works well for students of ALL grade levels.  Consider giving this a try if you are looking to improve upon your classroom management and help your class run a bit smoother.

Click the image to go to the product

Teacher Spotlight

This week's teacher spotlight winner is Debbi Kapp. Debbi has been working with young people for over 30 years and feels passionately about being a positive role model for young people. Let's hear from Debbi in her own words.

Why did you become a teacher? 
My own teachers were great models for me. I always wanted to follow in their footsteps--but make it more engaging and successful for all kids. I was so excited by my Reading classes as an undergrad and felt they really taught me HOW to teach social studies and ELA I have taught on a reservation, in a big public district, and in a small charter. I am currently substituting and have the best of both worlds--teaching and being with kids without homework :)

What, as a teacher, is one thing you're proud of and would like to share with others?
I was most proud when parents TOLD, "You got __ to love to read!" It is so rewarding to connect kids with the amazing YA Lit that's out there.

You can find and follow Debbi on Teachers Pay Teachers and on Pinterest

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And in case you missed it, here are last week's freebies from several teacher-authors.  Have a great weekend!