Saturday, January 17, 2015

Point of View Game Preview

After taking the time to teach point of view, I want to make sure my students remember this important literary concept.  I used PowerPoint to create this game for them.  Students read passages and respond to multiple-choice questions.  They have the option of listening to the passage read aloud and hearing a teacher think-aloud in order to help them determine the correct answer. Students receive immediate feedback, and see the number of items answered correctly at the end of the game.

I like to have a little friendly competition among my students to see who can answer the most questions correctly, with prizes going to the top finishers.  This type of concept review helps solidify student knowledge so that they don't forget what they learned.

Grab your copy of the game today!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Interactive Literacy System: Fluency, Comprehension, and Test Prep

I was pleased to launch the first installment of my computerized interactive literacy system last weekend.  I have been using different elements of this program with my 7th graders over the past few months and am thrilled with their improvement.

The students are required to take reading tests online, but most of the materials I use within my classroom are paper-pencil.  There are some really great programs that I could use, but they cost $20 or more per student, (which is more money than I can afford!)  Therefore, I created this interactive literacy system to use with them.

 I have been pleased with the effort my students put forth as they use this program, and am confident that with continued use, they will be better prepared for the state assessments in the spring.

Here's an extensive look at my program:    

The first installment is available now! Click the picture below to view the product.