Sunday, August 9, 2015

BTS Blog Hop: Behavior Management in the Middle School Classroom: Secret Student Program (Free Download Included!)

Hello, friends! We are off and running with another school year.  It is always interesting to meet my new students.  Some come with bright eyes and are eager to begin the year.  Others are reluctant to leave the fun of summer and resign themselves to sitting in a classroom for the next several months.  The bottom line is that we are there to educate all of our students, regardless of their attitudes.
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 Speaking of attitudes, the disposition of middle school students can be quite challenging!  However, I have found something that works for me.  It’s called THE SECRET STUDENT PROGRAM. I read about it on Stephanie’s blog a few years ago.  She designed it for elementary school students, so I “borrowed” her idea and tweaked it for my middle schoolers.  

Here's how I run the secret student program:

At first, I thought my middle school students would think it was too elementary, but they LOVE it!  They make a conscious effort to meet me expectations, and I dare not forget to announce who the secret student is--they will certainly remind me! At the end of each school year, I ask them what I should keep and what I should change for the following year, and they always say keep the secret student program going.
I’d like to provide all of you with the coupons that I use for my secret student program. Click the picture to access this free resource. 

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Good luck, and have a great year!
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