Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why Does Poverty Affect Student Learning? -Part 3

Naomi was watching something on her iPad the other day and the video ended.  She begin furiously pushing on the screen in hopes of bringing back the video.  She also started yelling in frustration.  Imagine that.  My sweet girl acting in such a manner!  This is not the first time she's exhibited inappropriate behavior.   Sometimes when she wants something, she says, "Mommy, I want juice now!"  She will continue to repeat the phrase in a whiny tone, even if I am talking to Ben or trying to finish up a task.  Furthermore, if someone is playing with a toy that Naomi wants, she'll say, "It's mine!  I want it!"  I was aghast to find out that when Naomi was playing with her cousin last week ...

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My sweet girl-It's hard to imagine that she would behave in such a way!  Just kidding.  She is a toddler who must be taught proper responses.